My First Quiz

I took my first quiz in NURS11146 – Establishment of Professional Nursing after reading the first chapter of the text so — I guess I’m officially back in school now.

Also, I remember why it’s so good to be out of school in the first place — quizzes suck!.  After working as a professional for over 30 years where we meet as equals and discuss options — I’m in the oligarchy of the classroom.  The teacher’s interpretation of events is the only valid one.  Remember — “The MOST correct answer, is the correct answer” — even if we never told you what that was.

Yes — I realize that no where in the text did it once mention that 19th Century Nurses were often prison inmates, but it’s still the case so answer false gets you a point off, young man.

I almost sort of get why, as 21st Century Nursing Students, it’s important for us to know the finer details of 19th Century Nursing — I really do.  Personally, I think it’s attempt to teach us “we’ve come a long way, baby” or some such similar lesson.  But and entire semester dedicated to it?  Wouldn’t our time better be served by learning how to stick tubes in people’s junk or establishing plausible deniability when killing patients?




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