My School

When looking for a University to attend, I had to choose one that offered my degree program and the option to study by Distance-Education.  I’m going to work full-time in my real job while I’m in school — I need the money.

Unfortunately, there were no such schools in my home state of Victoria.  In fact, there were only three  Charles Darwin University in Northern Territories, Central Queensland University in Queensland and University of South Australia in South Australia.  UoSA was my first choice, but I applied to all three schools simultaneously.

In Australia — school leavers submit their High School Transcripts but “Mature Place” applicants need to submit any previous High School and University Transcripts.  I attended both High School and University originally in the US — in the 1970s — but I was able to get my transcripts posted from the US in time to make my application.  However, the South Australia Tertiary Admissions Council (SATAC) wouldn’t accept my University Transcripts at face value because they were over 30 years old.

I was offered places in both Charles Darwin and Central Queensland University and I chose the latter because they were the first one to respond to me — and they had the most comprehensive brochure.

So — I am now a registered Nursing Student at CQU taking four classes this term starting in 2011

  • Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology
  • Essentials of Nursing Profession
  • Foundations of Nursing Practice
  • Professional Communications for Nurses

I have my books and CD’s and I’m quite eager to get started

Classes begin on 28 February, 2011

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